Jackfield Ceramics


Mansfield Traquair

The Catholic Apostolic Church built 1873-1876 in New Town, Edinburgh and once known as, “Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel” was once a stunning church, celebrated for its architecture and unique series of Arts and Crafts murals painted by Phoebe Anna Traquair. 

In the decades prior to 1993 the building fell into disrepair until The Mansfield Traquair Trust was formed to take on the daunting task of preserving the building and its murals.

To restore the floor we manufactured more than 1,000 encaustic tiles in seven different designs, and four colours: buff, red, green and black. The tiles feature an unusual glazed, textured finish, which is achieved using a special technique of hand-dipping the tiles. The tiled floor design combines popular motifs of the era, such as fleur de Lys and scrolls.

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