Jackfield Ceramics


Glazed Encaustic Floor Tiles

Our glazed encaustic floor tiles are hand made in a similar way to our encaustic floor tiles, but have a fine glaze that is added before firing. This adds a shine and a rippled texture to a tile after firing, a characteristic of the firm Godwins founded in 1852, as it gave their tiles a medieval or antique look that was popular at the time.

We have a standard range of glazed encaustics that start with the code ‘GT’ that are listed on the resources page. We also produce bespoke glazed encaustics to match original patterns or to create a new unique design.

Our encaustic tiles are produced, by impressing a pattern in the unfired clay to a shallow depth using a hand carved mould. The resulting indentations are then filled with a liquid clay, or slip, of contrasting colour and a thin layer of glaze is then applied before firing.

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